Contractor Services

Concrete Excavation Projects, Foundations, Piers, and Slabs

Construction Masonry Block Construction, ICF (Insulated Concrete form) Construction

Acid Brick Process Floors, Equipment and Pump Foundations - New Installation or Grouting and Repair

Acid Proof Concretes Process Pad Caps, Full-Section Trenches, Equipment and Tank Pads

FRP and Plastic Repair Full Service Inspection, Repair and Modification of FRP and Thermoplastic process Vessels, Reactors, Scrubbers, DucL process piping — Specializing in FRP hand lay-up and weldable PVC, Koroseal, HDPE, and Polypropylene Materials.

Protective linings and Coating High Performance Reinforced Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Lining for Protection of Concrete and Steel - Flooring, Secondary Containment, Tank Linings

Installation Turnkey Installation of All AJR Provided Materials and Supporting Equipment

Corrosion Resistant Equipment

FRP Grating General Purpose and Heavy Chemical Resistant Grating - Provided in Sheet Stock or Cut to Order

FRP Structural Fab Corrosion Resistant FRP Handrail, Ladders, Walkovers, Platforms, Stairways - Design/Build or Fabricated to Customer Design

Storage Tanks and Duct Fiberglass, Lined Steel, and Plastic Tanks - Day Tank to Million-Gallon Capacities

Process Vessels Scrubbers, Reactor Vessels - Fiberglass, Lined Steel, and Plastic Materials of Construction

FRP Doors and Louvers Corrosion Resistant Man Doors and Frames, Wall Louvers, Back Draft Wall Dampers, Duct Dampers

Mechanical Field Services

Process piping per ANSI B31.3
ASME Code Vessel Repairs
ASME “R” stamp holder
Certified welding program
AWS & ASME certified welders
Structural steel fabrications
Materials include Carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys